BioLogic™ Pillows

Your pillow is as important as a your mattress and like a mattress, they wear out over time. Proper head and neck support is an integral part of a restful night's sleep.  A pillow affects spinal alignment and snoring. Typically, side sleepers prefer a slightly thicker pillow while back and stomach sleepers use thinner pillows. We offer a variety of thicknesses made with either 100% natural latex or memory foam. All pillows are available in Standard, Queen and King size.

100% Natural Latex

Excel offers 2 styles of natural latex pillows; shredded pulp filled and molded.  Both are very comfortable and supportive.  Like a mattress, selecting the right pillow is a function of sleep position and personal preference.




Pulp Filled

These pillows are filled with tiny clusters of shredded 100% natural latex.  They contour around the head and neck or can be shifted into the desired position.  The outer cotton shell is quilted for a soft, luxurious feel.


Molded latex pillows are soft, responsive and perforated for continual air flow. They offer excellent and long lasting support. The latex core is enclosed in an inner liner and an outer, zipper removable basket weave or cotton velour cover.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is essentially the opposite of latex. When pressure is removed, the foam slowly regains its original shape and size.  Our memory foam pillows are also available as shredded pulp filled or molded.  Molded pillows are available in the classic pillow shape or contour; lower on one side and higher on the other.



Molded pillows come a variety of shapes and sizes.  Typical, thicker molded pillows are designed for side sleepers and thinner pillows for back sleepers.  Most of do however move throughout the night so it's important a pillow be versatile enough to be comfortable and supportive in any position.


We also offer custom packing on all or pillows.

Solid Wood Foundations

Our solid wood foundations are built like platform beds.  The foundation has no gaps or spaces and therefore supports the entire bottom of the mattress.  It also features solid wood side panels. 


KD Foundation

The KD foundation is an excellent alternative to our solid wood foundation.  Each is packed in a cartons measuring 10" wide and 11" high.  This reduces freight and storage costs by 73%.  Each piece has solid head to foot spans and full and queen sizes have solid center supports. We don't use cardboard or staples and this avoids squeaking or creaking noises. Each foundation sets up in 5 minutes and comes with a matching quilted cover.

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