Private Design Collections

Since 2002, Excel has specialized in designing, constructing and merchandising private bedding collections for our clients. We use the best available materials in our mattresses and pillows. Our custom collections offer exclusivity and high margins.


In the fiercely competitive world of bedding sales, a private branded collection offers protection from the saturation of brands that other retailers offer.  We offer a comprehensive assortment of textiles, support systems (inner spring, foam, natural latex), comfort levels ranging from ultra firm to ultra plush and finishes to achieve the desired outcome. 


Depending on retail price points, gross margins can be in excess of 80%, far higher than the national brands. Commission structures can be greater as well, further motivating the RSA's to sell more higher margin product.  A win-win-win; the retailer's margins increase, the RSA makes more and the customer sleeps on a better mattress.

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